FDU-INKINGI reunification to speed up : appointment of a Unified Executive Committee (UEC).

As announced in the communiqué of September 10th , 2014, the process leading to the reunification of FDU-Inkingi is continuing. The reunification process launched on September 7th , 2014, by the leaders of both wings M Eugene Ndahayo and Dr. Nkiko Nsengimana, has

today established a unified executive committee (UEC), with the assignment to reaffirm the ideological values, strategy and means, the party structure and function. In addition, based on our records since the founding of the party on 29th April 2006, procedures for the implementation of the code of discipline for members will be updated to address the challenges. In a horizon of less than two years, these constitutive documents will be submitted to a reunification congress that shall elect the new leadership.

While waiting for the adoption of the above mentioned texts, to avoid all form of confusion and keeping in mind the impossibility to apply texts that were supposed to apply in case of registration of the political organisation under the Rwandan laws, the constitutive charter and programme as approved, amended and complemented on 29 September 2008, continue to govern our actions as guiding documents.

In order to ease the implementation of the reunification process and basing on article 17, paragraph 1, a position of treasurer has been created within the UEC. Both wings of the party have convened to set up a unified executive committee that will oversee the reunification process and the management of the political organisation. It is composed as follows :


  1. Chairperson: Eugene Ndahayo.
  2. 1st Vice President: Dr Nkiko Nsengimana.
  3. 2nd Vice President: Dr Jean Baptiste Mberabahizi.
  4. Secretary General: Sixbert Musangamfura
  5. Deputy Secretary General: Benoit Ndagijimana.
  6. Treasurer: Marie Madeleine Bicamumpaka.


The so called « Alost » congress, ill-planned, in violation of the party rules has revealed the need for a thorough and open discussion within the FDU-INKINGI.

That’s the reason why internal dialogue for an effective settlement with the dissenting group remains the main challenge for the newly unified leadership ahead of the upcoming reunification congress. At the same time, the new leaders shall carry on a determined struggle for the liberation of our comrades political prisoners, Madam Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and Mr. Sylvain Sibomana in particular.


The UEC invites the members, in particular those who deeply believe in our cause and values, but still under the propaganda of RDR hardliners to encourage for a internal dialogue.The third line of the first paragraph of article 5 of our constitutive charter is clear on this : « every member should reject any kind of discrimination based on ethnicity, geographical origin, clans and other forms of sectarianism »


The UEC has appointed a technical team in respect to the reunification process with dissenting members. The chairperson of the technical team is Madam Marie Madeleine Bicamumpaka.


The Unified Executive Committee supports all alliances and platforms concluded between FDU-Inkingi and third parties.


We once again call upon all party members and leaders at different levels to abstain from all forms of statements or behaviour likely to complicate and harden the reunification process but instead to encourage a conducive climate

Done on September 18th, 2014



At Lyon                                                                                            At Lausanne,


Eugène Ndahayo                                                                  Dr Nkiko Nsengimana

Email : ndahayo_eugene@yahoo.fr                                      Email : umunsi@bluewin.ch

Tel. :    +33 676758434                                                         Tel. : +41 79 959 37 28




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