This Saturday, December 14, 2013, Rwandan political organizations grouped under the National Council for Democratic Change (NCDC) met in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the socio-political situation in Rwanda and in the Great Lakes region. They also made an assessment of the action of NCDC since its inception, adopted the Action Plan for 2014 and outlined prospects for the coming years.

1 – NCDC deplores the fact that nearly twenty years after the advent of the new regime, the people is still languishing in injustice, harassment, arrogance, abject poverty, exhaustion and denial of fundamental rights.
In line with this, NCDC strongly condemns the so-called political campaign  » Ndi Umunyarwanda  » (I am Rwandan) whose falsely nationalistic label hides the genuine scheme of the regime which consists in making of every hutu citizen a being plagued by self-contempt from generation to generation, in order to justify and consolidate the political, social and economic exclusion of Hutus in general, on the grounds that” genocide was committed in their name”, which is contrary to all the universal principles of law NCDC calls on all Rwandans of all ethnicities, to thwart this unfair plan, bearer of future tragedies whose consequence would be the destruction of the social fabric in favor of the ruling clique of extremists who uses some opportunistic Hutu to preserve and consolidate its grip on the country.

2 – NCDC was deeply saddened by the news of the conviction to 15 years of imprisonment pronounced by the Supreme Court of the RPF regime against the FDU-Inkingi Chairperson, namely Ms. Victoire Ingabire UMUHOZA. It is a proof, if any were still needed, that the autocratic regime is absolutely not ready to open political space to those who have different ideas.
NCDC recalls that other leaders of political opposition organizations continue to languish in jail simply because they are fighting for the establishment of a democratic regime in Rwanda. These include Deo Mushayidi, Chairman of PDP-IMANZI sentenced to life imprisonment, Bernard Ntaganda, President of PS-IMBERAKURI, who is serving a sentence of four years in prison and Dr. Theoneste NIYITEGEKA, former independent candidate for the 2003 presidential elections who was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

3 – NCDC welcomes once more the defeat of M23 militiamen that Paul Kagame and RPF used as cover in their long-term plan of destabilization and plunder of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

4 – While other armed groups are reported to still exist in eastern DRC, including FDLR, NCDC believes that the best way to solve this problem is to answer the root question that accounts for their existence.
Indeed, Rwandans who are still in the Congolese jungle are survivors of vile systematic mass crimes committed against Hutu refugees by the armed wing of the RPF under the lax look of the UN High Commission for Refugees and the United Nations. The « Mapping Exercise Report documenting the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed between March 1993 and June 2003 on the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo released in October 2010 « found that these crimes could constitute genocide. Those who perpetrated the genocide enjoy total impunity and are in power in Kigali.
It follows that the solution to the question of FDLR must be a product of a firm prosecution strategy towards those who committed the genocide against Hutu refugees in the DRC.

5 ° – NCDC welcomed the actions undertaken in the short time since its launching at the beginning of this year and adopted a program of action for 2014.

6 – Avant-garde forces within the NCDC reaffirm that NCDC is a framework of design, of mobilization and action of all Rwandans without distinction of any origin whatsoever, including ethnic, regional, religious, gender, etc. It is a revolutionary movement initiated to end the dictatorship, lies, terror and segregation so that truth, justice, acceptance of others, freedom, democracy and rights of the human person can prevail. No Rwandan is excluded from this movement of resistance to autocracy.

Done at Brussels, December 15, 2013
Gen. Habyarimana Emmanuel
Mobile : +41 78 652 21 83
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Eugène Ndahayo
Secretary General and Spokesperson
Mobile : +33 676 758 434
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