The NCDC welcomes the End of the Rwandese Patriotic Front government Covert War in DRC

The National Council for Democratic Change (NCDC), an umbrella movement regrouping Rwandan pro-democracy organizations, namely FDU-Inkingi, CNR-Intwari, ODR-Dufatanye and UDFR-Ihamye, expresses its satisfaction after the formal announcement that the M23 movement which the Rwandan government forces were using as a cover to destabilize the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been militarily defeated and formally renounced the use of violence.
We believe that this new situation will bring relief and hope to hundreds of thousands of our Congolese brothers and sisters who suffered a lot during the last couple of years, pave the way to a healing, reintegration and rehabilitation process of the affected population and areas and eventually lead to a sustainable security, lasting peace and prosperity.
But, we also feel that in spite of the progress made, a great deal of effort need to be put in resolving the external root cause of instability in Eastern DRC that lies in the inability of the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front to keep power by democratic and peaceful means which prompts it to rather resort to preemptive armed tactics to suppress real or perceived enemies abroad, especially in neighboring DRC where its armed wing, the Rwandese Patriotic Front, committed widespread, systematic and unprosecuted crimes against humanity and, possibly, genocide against Hutu refugees in 1996-97.
We are aware that forceful campaigns of disarmament of Rwandan armed groups based in DRC have failed in the past. We share the view that resumption of such operations without addressing the very root cause might not yield better results.
It’s our strong conviction that the international community should rather engage all stakeholders in a process that could bring together the Rwandan ruling party and its democratic opposition with the aim of achieving an inclusive political dispensation and reformed national security and defense forces that would stabilize the Rwandan society and put an end to the past attempts to export the Rwandan ethnic conflict to neighboring countries, especially to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Done in Martigny, November 6, 2013
Gen. Habyarimana Emmanuel
Contacts :
Gen. Habyarimana Emmanuel                            Eugène Ndahayo
President                                                                          Secretary General

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