Fellow Rwandans,

Dear Friends of Rwanda,

The year 2012 is coming to an end. A new year, 2013, is being ushered in! As tradition has it, on behalf of the Executive Committee and all UDF-INKINGI members, I extend to each of you my warmest wishes of happiness, prosperity and good health. May the New Year open the door of joy and success for each and every one of you!


Fellow Countrymen,


Beyond the hardship, vexation and varied humiliation to each one of us individually and collectively, the year ending, has not been any different from all the others preceding it. Several trials and tribulations have befallen our dear motherland since 22 years ago. It is unfortunate, that 2012 has not marked the end of the plight of our people, languishing under the yoke of dictatorship of the ruling clan. The Rwandan People continue to pay a high price for their quest for freedom, democracy and social harmony.


There have been multiple obstacles in the march towards democracy, the struggle against repeated abuses of power, tenacious political and economic situations of our country. All these leave our country with an image of a wounded nation.


My thoughts go out to all who have suffered injustices, massive impoverishment, including double human tragedies, of servitude and tyranny.


I think of all those who are too sick to fully celebrate the advent of the New Year.


I think of those without work, those with low income who cannot face the cost of living, those who are robbed of their land, farmers and officials on whom heavy royalties are levied, of soldiers sent to the front lines of hegemonic wars.


I think of all the students who have finished their studies and wait for their first job, with no hope.


To each and every one, I wish a better, more Prosperous Happy New Year 2013.


Special thoughts go out to:

* Victims and their families, who have suffered barbaric acts by the regime during this out-going year;

* All ours who have died for freedom and democracy;

* Those who are in prison without reason other than the desire to fight for democracy. I think particularly of the UDF-INKINGI President, Mrs. Victoire INGABIRE, PS-IMBERAKULI President, Bernard NTAGANDA, PDP-IMANZI President, Déo MUSHAYIDI, Théoneste NIYITEGEKA, and journalists Agnès UWIMANA and Saidati MUKAKIBIBI;

* All refugees, particularly those in African refugee camps;

* Farmers whose crops are decimated;

* All Rwandans who yearn and thirst for democracy.


Dear Compatriots,


2013 comes with many challenges. We will have to put strong measures in place to free our country and place it on the path to peace, democracy and prosperity. 2013 must not be just another year for us. This year must be an opportunity to put everything in place to definitely get out of the autocracy that has lasted too long. This alone will make 2013 a good year for the Rwandan People.


To set these strong actions in motion, we must have confidence in ourselves. It is up to us, Rwandans, to take charge of our future. The role of friends ofRwandais to support the efforts of the Rwandan People. It is us and us alone who can and must advance the process of change. All we need to keep in mind is the first interest of the nation and the Rwandan People, putting aside all ethnic, regional and personal considerations; we must also find new grounds of understanding because besides kicking out an oligarchic government, in power for 18 years now, the challenge is to design and build together, new perspectives for the youth of today and to prepare the future of our children and grand-children.


To attain the above objectives, it requires of us to put in place policy mechanisms that will enable us to legitimately rethink our collective future. Our future will be guaranteed by a restructured system of governance supported by a just and strong political will. This restructuring is necessary. It calls for a profound change of our mentality, a moral and ethical revolution and a total transformation for a qualitative leap towards a society where combined efforts will prevail over divisionism, nepotism, intoxication by power so that freedom, unity in diversity, dignity, justice and welfare triumph.


Initiating this process requires peace, and harmony among us and between us all irrespective of ethnicity, region, and political convictions. We must reject all political criminals that divide us.


For this change to be realised, all political forces both inside and outside of the country must play their role to prove they constitute a real alternative and are able to make our country a democratic nation:

- Reject the impulse of insulating ourselves from the hardship of others but on the contrary, practice empathy, in other words, see ourselves in others and spread our compassion to people in need;

- Resist prejudice, intolerance and indifference in all its forms and forcefully stand against the scourge of division that still runs rampant in our hearts;

- Strive to resolve our problems and differences and to significantly resist divisionism but advance unification of the forces of change including gathering around a common political manifesto.


Up to now, all attempts to attain the above have failed. Demagoguery has prevailed because of the squabbles caused by the prevalence of narrow and parochial egotistical considerations. The challenges facing us demand collective efforts since they transcend whatever secondary differences that may exist between us.


In our case, as far as the challenge to unity is concerned, commitment and readiness of UDF-INKINGI in favour of this process, has never been clearer. We trust that this dynamic process will continue with greater intensity and will lead to happiness and salvation of our people this year. The merchants of divisionism, of lies and misinformation will be defeated.


Dear Compatriots,


Each one of you must feel concerned with the liberation of our country. My intention for the New Year is to invite everyone to remain hopeful and to contribute more to promote unity for our common destiny. We must also encourage all democratic-minded people to stand as one, and to work towards ending the bloody dictatorship.


May 2013 be a year of freedom, peace and a beginning of true democracy.


Long live Rwandans, long liveRwanda.



Acting President


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