Verdict deferral in mock trial of UDFINKINGI leader Ms Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

Announcement of much awaited verdict in the political trial of UDF-Inkingi chairperson Ms
Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza has been postponed today. The new date set by the RPF regime is
September 7, 2012, a delay they intend to use to « further deliberate on the case ».
It’s our belief though that the regime is just buying time. The RPF dictatorial regime needs to
see what they can yield out of the ongoing blackmail of certain sections of our movement in
particular and of the wider Rwandan democratic movement in general.

On one hand, to give substance to our intimate conviction is the fact that former Ambassador
Sylvestre Uwibajije claims he has firm commitments from top aide to Gen. Paul Kagame,
Minister of Local Government James Musoni and from more than powerless Speaker of
Senate Ntawukuriryayo Jean-Damascene, about the release of all political prisoners if
opposition groups take their offer of co-optation subtlly presented as a « win-win dialogue ».
To put it bluntly, this trial is used as stick and the so-called « dialogue » as a carot to
demobilized political opponents in general and some indisciplined members of our movement
in particular.

On the other hand, the RPF regime needs a break to let cool the mounting criticism in the
mainstream world media for their involvement in destabilizing activities at the expense of the
Democratic Republic of the Congo before announcing a much expected heavy verdict in that
trial that has nothing to do with justice but has all to do with political repression.2
The UDF-INKINGI will never succumb to such despicable maneuvres. All our members are
individually and collectively urged to stay disciplined and to stick to our principles and goals
with confidence because it’s clearer than ever that the RPF regime is on the wrong side of
History. We reaffirm our full solidarity with the Chairperson and with her longing family in
these too long trying moments of unjust separation and suffering.

The UDF-INKINGI doesn’t give any credit to the legal games engaged around the review or
interpretation of the rightly critized existing law on « genocide ideology » and « genocide
denial ». This law is part of a wider range of laws designed by the regime to stifle any
expression of political dissent and block political challengers. All those laws must be repealed
and the whole political system reformed.

The UDF-INKINGI demands that the RPF regime release all political prisoners, end all
hostile activities against our neighbors and rather engage direct talks with opposition
democratic movements and civil society in view of a lasting solution to the Rwandan political

Done in Brussels, June 29, 2012
Dr Jean-Baptiste MBERABAHIZI
Secretary General and Spokesperson


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