The RPF regime must stop its destabilizing activities in Eastern DRC

UDF-Inkingi condemns the destabilizing activities that the Rwandese Patriotic Front regime is conducting in the Eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo territory and demands that they stop inconditionnally and immediately.

Indeed, inspite of opposition from a member of the UN Security Council that managed to obtain the omission of any referrence to the current regime in involvement in those activities, the last UN report of the Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo has reliably documented evidence confirming our previous staments on this involvement in creating instability in that neighboring country.

The GoE affirms inter alia that it « has gathered evidence of arms embargo and sanctions regime violations committed by the Rwandan Government » and that « these violations consist of the provision of material and financial support to armed groups operation in the eastern DRC, including the recently established M2 » and cite the following: (1) direct assistance in the creation of M23 through the transport of weapons and soldiers through Rwandan territory, (2) recruitment of Rwandan youth and demobilized ex-combatants as well as Congolese refugees for M23, (3) provision of weapons and ammunition to M23, (4) mobilization and lobbying of Congolese political and financial leaders for the benefit of M23, (6) direct Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) interventions into Congolese territory to reinforce M23, (6) support to several other armed groups as well as FARDC mutinies in the eastern Congo, (7) violation of the assets freeze and travel ban through supporting sanctioned individuals.

UDF-Inkingi got information that the RPF regime helped establish, equip and arm Congolese armed groups in view of using them as proxies with the assistance of special forces teams deployed on the Congolese territory. Among those groups are « Front de Défense du Congo », « Mundundu 40 » and « Mai Mai Cheka a.k.a Nduma Defence of Congo » and « Mandevu Group »

UDF-Inkingi firmly condemns those hostile activities and demand that they cease immediately. The RPF regime must abide by the AU principles of respect of the integrity of the boundaries inherited from colonial powers as well as that of non-interference in internal affairs of sister countries.

We call upon the RPF regime to instead engage in direct political talks with all the Rwandan opposition groups both armed and unarmed in view of finding a lasting solution to the internal political stand-off that is the root cause of its constant resort to use of force either on the Rwandan soil or abroad.

Lastly UDF-Inkingi urges all stakeholders, including and first and foremost, the DRC government to facilitate and even mediate in such talks with the help of the East African Community, the AU and the UN and ask the EU and the US to exert their influence so as to make such a course of action possible and effective.

Done in Brussels , June 27, 2012

Dr Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi
Secretary General and Spokesperson


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