FDU-Inkingi Executive Committee Names Interim Chairperson

Realizing that it is the regime’s intention to keep the Chairperson, Ms. Victoire INGABIRE UMUHOZA incarcerated in Kigali Maximum Prison since October 14, 2010, on politically trumped-up charges so as to deprive our movement of the necessary leadership to challenge the current autocratic regime;

During its last meeting held in Brussels on 4th and the 5th of February 2012, the FDU-Inkingi Executive Committee, communicated to the Chairperson Ms. Ingabire Victoire decisions and resolutions of the meeting.  The chairperson was also reassured of the unwavering support and solidarity of her comrades in the struggles for the return of democracy to our nation.  Furthermore, the Chairperson was informed of the changes made in the leadership of our party so as to facilitate the necessary work in building the party. 

In the above spirit, Executive Committee members present, resolved to appoint the First Vice Chairman Eugene NDAHAYO as Interim Chairman. 

This decision is part of a wider reorganization process aimed at ensuring continuity, clarity and discipline as well as meeting the challenges that the movement faces at this phase in our struggle against dictatorship. This process will end with the adoption of a new Constitution, a Code of Conduct and local and general elections of party leaders.

In that respect, the EC appointed Benoit NDAGIJIMANA as party Second Vice Chairman and phased out the position he previously occupied as Deputy General Secretary. The EC also confirmed Dr Jean-Baptiste MBERABAHIZI as Secretary General and created a special commission in charge of reorganization.

The EC has communicated these decisions to the Chairperson and reiterated EC members’ unreserved and unanimous appreciation of her contribution to the struggle as well as the inspiring courage she is showing under very trying conditions.

The EC expressed confidence and pride in her courage and continued inspirational leadership and will work tirelessly to end her personal suffering and that of other detained opposition leaders.

Done in Montreal , this May 23, 2012

For the Executive Committee
Commissioner for International Relations
Rapporteur of the EC Meeting

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