FDU-Inkingi Does Not Expect any Equitable Justice from Dictator Kagame’s Criminal Regime

On Wednesday April 25, 2012, after seven months of mock trial and one year and a half of detention on politically concocted charges, Kagame’s functionary prosecutors have unsurprisingly requested a life sentence for UDF Chairperson Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

You will recall that Kagame’s regime arrested and imprisoned Ms. Ingabire and later fabricated the charges to prevent her from participating in the presidential elections of August, 2010.  They concocted evidence and bought witnesses by various means along the way as the accused was languishing in prison.

When Ms. Ingabire boycotted the proceedings of this political Kangaroo court, citing impartiality of the Judge and unfairness of the whole process in favour of the prosecution,  the prosecution was quick to seek what they have wanted all along –locking Ms. Ingabire Victoire away from politically opposing Kagame.  The High Court judges have set June 29, 2012, to render “judgement”.

FDU-Inkingi doesn’t recognize Gen. Kagame’s criminal and dictatorial regime to have any right to try anyone.

The Head of State who is also the highest magistrate, Gen. Paul Kagame, is suspected of genocide, war crimes, various gross violations of international humanitarian law, extrajudicial killings and numerous disappearances. The Constitution in place is undemocratic. The other laws being applied are largely flawed and unjust. Judges are all but independent. The judiciary is under the influence and constant pressure from the dictator and his cronies. The rights of defence are systematically violated. Defence witnesses are systematically and constantly harassed and cannot be protected.


The main charge of forming the so-called Coalition of Democratic Forces (CDF) armed group was engineered by Kagame’s military intelligence services with the help of FDLR rebel group deserters.


It’s important to recall that one Olivier RUKUNDO who posted CDF press releases on the web and ran its blog from China where he pursues a government sponsored PhD program in information security since 2003 has never been summoned by Prosecution. The reason behind this weird attitude of the Prosecution is that his hearing and possible cross-examination by the defence counsel would have exposed Kagame’s regime’s secret services framing of the accused.

Like in other past or present similar cases, FDU-Inkingi doesn’t expect any kind of justice in this case.

As we mark very soon the sixth anniversary of the launching of the FDU-Inkingi, we reiterate our call upon the Rwandan people to keep mobilizing and organizing for a democratic change, equal rights, social transformation of our society, and shared prosperity for all.

Done in Brussels on April 26, 2012

Dr Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi
Secretary General and Spokesperson

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