Recall: UDF-Inkingi Statement on the ongoing trial of Its Chairperson Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

The shameful trial of UDF-Inkingi Chairperson Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza and her four coaccused and main prosecution witnesses has lasted two weeks now. Since the 5th of September 2011, the prosecution has shown that what’s taking place in Kigali High Court has nothing to do with justice. It is clear that the purpose of that show of legal muscle is the

criminalization of the whole organization with the  intention of definitely blocking it from operating legally and peacefully in the country.

 Basing their accusations on ‘confessions’ of the four co-accused Lt Col Tharcisse Nditurende, Lt Col Noel Habiyaremye, Maj Vital Uwumuremyi and Capt Jean-Marie Karuta who unsurprisingly plead guilty, prosecution alleges that UDF-Inkingi formed an armed wing named « Coalition of Democratic Forces » or CDF by acronym. They also allege that UDFInkingi received support from theDemocratic Republic of the Congo’s government and entered into cooperation with the FDLR rebel movement based in that country. They pretend that the so-called CDF conducted sabotage operations in the country, in 2010.

 The UDF-Inkingi denies categorically such accusations. As an organization, the UDF-Inkingi has never contemplated any form of armed resistance to the current dictatorship. That’s why the UDF-Inkingi Policy Council made an historic decision when on September 28, 2008, it decided that it would participate in the 2010 presidential elections. Should the UDF-Inkingi opt for an armed path, it’s certainly not a bunch of deserters from a defeated neocolonial 2 government army that a revolutionary movement like the UDF-Inkingi would use as its armed wing. It’s an insult to our individual and collective leadership to even contemplate such nonsense.

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