UDF-INKINGI Coordinator for Rwanda Released on Bail

After more than four  months of illegal and arbitrary detention at Kigali Maximum Prison, UDF-Inkingi coordinator for Rwanda Anastase HAGABIMANA was released with conditions by Kigali High Court, on Friday August 26, 2011.


Mr. Hagabimana’s release was not without conditions. Court ordered him not to leave the limits of Kigali City and to report to the prosecutor’s office twice every month for a period of three months.


Anastase Hagabimana was arrested April 20, 2011 and later remanded to Kigali prison for thirty days pending investigations by Nyarugenge Intermediate Court on allegations of instigating rebellion against the state, over the worrying rise of cost of living in the country.


The presiding Judge denied the request by the prosecution of renewing a provisional detention order.  He further asked the prosecution to expedite their investigation so as to proceed with the case substantively or else drop the unfounded charges, a situation that resulted in maintaining  Anastase Hagabimana in indefinite and illegal detention for close to three months.


Even though the UDF-Inkingi is happy for the release of their member, it’s our view that the prosecution should just drop all their baseless accusations and let him exercise his fundamental rights.


The RPF government  should also release the party Chairperson, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, all other political prisoners, human rigths activists and independent journalists detained on politically fabricated charges and open up political space to all Rwandans.


Done in Brussels, August 26, 2011


Dr Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi

Secretary general and spokesperson


Download the pdf file here

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