An Answer to UDF-Inkingi Critiques and Detractors. But Too, to friends with Questions.

By Déo Lukyamuzi, Commissioner in charge of International Relations.

It is a known fact that not all is well within the UDF-Inkingi party.  It hasn’t been for sometime.  There are differences among party leaders that as at present, no efforts thus far employed, have been successful in bridging the ever growing gap between the two sides.

For purposes of clarity, I will put faces and names to prominent players within the two opposing party camps.  But before that, one needs to have a glance at the leadership of UDF-Inkingi pre-departure of its chairperson to Rwanda in January, 2010 to lead efforts to register the party in preparation of its participation in the presidential elections of August, 2010.

The following was the party leadership as of the period referred to above;

  1. Chairperson:  Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza
  2. 1st Vice Chairperson:  Ndahayo Eugene
  3. 2nd Vice Chairperson: Dr Nsengimana Nkiko
  4. Secretary General and spokesperson :  Dr Mberabahizi Jean Baptiste
  5. Deputy Secretary General:  Ndagijimana Benoit
  6. Finance Commissioner: Jean Tulikumana
  7. Commissioner for External Relations:  Musanganfura Sixbert
  8. Commissioner for Security:( not mentioned for security reasons).
  9. Commissioner for Political  Mobilization: Frank Habinshuti
  10. Commissioner for Justice: Blaise Nicyolibera:
  11. Social Affairs Commissioner: Michel Niyibizi
  12. Information Commissioner: Dr Emmanuel Mwiseneza
  13. Political Strategy Commissioner: Stanislas NIYIBIZI
  14. Follow-up and assessment  Commissioner: Christophe BONEZA

Since the rupture became public, the following are the party leaders representing the two camps:

Camp 1

  1. Ndahayo Eugene
  2. Mberabahizi Jean Baptiste
  3. Ndagijimana Benoit
  4. Tulikumana Jean
  5. Blaise Nicyolibera
  6. Lukyamuzi Deo

Camp 2

  1. Nsengimana Nkiko
  2. Musanganfura Sixbert
  3. Ndereyehe Charles
  4. Bukeye Joseph
  5. Mwiseneza Emmanuel
  6. Niyibizi Michel

Ingabire Victoire, being in prison, has not pronounced herself.

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