After their last appearance on the 25 of April 2011 before the prosecutor working with Nyarugenge Intermediate Court in Nyamirambo, Kigali City, Anastase HAGABIMANA and Norbert MANIRAFASHA are set to be produced again before the prosecution this Monday, May 2, 2011. Prosecution is expected to either maintain them in detention or  else release them on bail.  Lawyers of our detained comrades plead that prosecution should just drop its accusations as there’s no evidence to support them.

Meanwhile, the behavior of some UDF-INKINGI members both inside Rwanda and abroad around this case remains very disturbing.

Alice MUHIRWA, a former member of the disbanded interim committee was recently seen chatting with police officers at the police station where her  two accused comrades are kept behind bars. She left the station without visiting them. More disturbing are reliable reports  that she’s a close friend of the Nyarugenge District Judiciary Police Officer who precisely ordered the arrest of Mr. Hagabimana and Mr. Manirafasha.

More to that is an incident when Norbert MANIRAFASHA’s spouse received a private call from a male person pretending to be Eugene NDAHAYO who wanted to gather information on her husband’s case but to no avail because she became suspicious of the true identity of the caller and motives.

 It’s the second time that someone has tried to use Eugene NDAYAYO’s name fraudulently.  On March 13, 2011, someone created a fake email address with his first and last names and sent a long message to Norbert MANIRAFASHA urging him to avoid Anastase HAGABIMANA  whom he said was an RPF agent.  It was established that the origin of that email was in Finland.

Last Friday April 29, 2011, RPF mouthpiece City Radio reporters and Criminal Investigation Department officers stormed the cell of the accused. The reporters wanted to interview them while CID officers  offered to free them on the condition that they disclose the names of exiled opposition leaders they are said to be working with.

We firmly condemn such despicable and  evil maneuvers intended to falsely condemn innocent Rwandan citizens, some of them carried out with the connivance of RPF State security machine.  These acts infringe on the basic rights of  members of the Rwandan society, and leaders of our movement both inside and outside the country.

We inform those involved in such dubious and dangerous acts as these, especially those living abroad, that identity theft and forgery are very serious criminal offences in countries where they live and we call upon  them to cease and desist from such self centered actions and criminal tactics before it’s too late.

 Brussels, May 1, 2011


Deputy Secretary General


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