UDF-INKINGI local cadre in Huye District beaten to death

The UDF-INKINGI is deeply saddened by the death of Jean-Claude RUGIRA, a local cadre
operating in Huye district, Southern Province (formerly known as Ngoma commune, in
Butare prefecture).

Jean-Claude Rugira succumbed to injuries inflicted upon him by mobs that attacked him and
beat him up leaving him to a certain death. His attackers assaulted him around 7:30 pm while
riding back to his home on April 5, 2011 in Rwabuye.

He was rescued by nearby inhabitants and brought unconscious and bleeding to the University
Teaching Hospital of Butare where he was admitted in intensive care unit. Later, since his
state required special care that couldn’t be provided locally, he was referred to King Faisal
Hospital in Kigali City where he died on April 8, 2011 at the age of 38 years.

Our comrade Rugira Jean-Claude was brought to rest in SAVE Cemetery this Sunday, April
10, 2011 near his home. Our sources on the ground state that he was born to one Mbarute
Emmanuel. The deceased leaves only one relative, his youngest 17 years brother, and an
orphan just like his late brother. All their other relatives have been killed by the Rwandese
Patriotic Army’s troops during the large scale killings carried out there in 1994. His killers
remain unidentified and circumstances surrounding this tragic murder are yet to be clarified.

It’s not the first time that political activists are killed in that area since the Rwandese Patriotic
Front seized power. Back in 1994, Dr Pierre-Claver RWANGABO and one of his sons were
gunned down by unknown men while their RPA body guards were left to tell the official tale
that the murderous attack was carried out by Interahamwe militias. The whole country was
then under the RPF-led government’s total control.

Last year, just before the masquerade of presidential polls that took place in August 2010,
André Kagwa Rwisereka’s body was found beheaded and dumped in swampy area far from
his home located in Butare City. He was then vice-president of opposition Democratic Green
Party of Rwanda. His murderers remain unidentified and circumstances of his assassination
are still unclear.

The UDF-INKINGI expresses its deep chock and conveys its hearted sympathy and full
support to Comrade Rugira’s sibling in these other trying circumstances. The UDF-INKINGI
will leave no stone unturned until all these killers are known and brought to book whatever
time this will take. The UDF-INKINGI calls upon all Rwandans to keep mobilized and
organized until this wicked people in power in Kigali step aside and respond of their

The UDF-INKINGI reiterates its call upon those still supporting Paul Kagame’s dictatorship
and keep looking the other way whenever such tragedy occurs in Rwanda or even abroad, that
they bear a heavy responsibility in all this impunity and invites them to rather cooperate with
Rwandan democratic forces in their endeavour to put an end to the current dictatorship and
bring equal rights, democracy and the social transformation for the benefit of all Rwandans.

Done at Lyon, April 11, 2011
For the UDF-INKINGI Executive Bureau
First Vice-President


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