Sixteen years ago, on April 22, 1995, 8,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) were slaughtered at Kibeho in the Southern Province by the 301 Brigade of the Rwandese Patriotic Army under the command of Lt Col Fred IBINGIRA. A Zambian detachment of the United Nations Mission to Rwanda, UNAMIR watched on powerlessly as the killings were raging while. The survivors of that butchery, after being subjected to starvation, thirst and humiliation all the way to Butare City, were thrown into oblivion from then on.

Fred IBINGIRA, now a Lieutenant General in Paul Kagame’s army, the overseer of the Kibeho massacre was regularly promoted and given different assigments until 2003 when he eventually was appointed Chief of Staff of the Reserve Force. More shockingly, Lt Gen Ibingira was covered with praise and medals. He recieved « the National Liberation Medal, Campaign against Genocide medal, Foreign Campaign Medal, Presidential Inauguration Medal, Command Service Ribbon, Combat Action Ribbon and the Community Service Ribbon », according to the Ministry of Defence website.

During these years, no single apology, no assistance and no guilt were never expressed by the current Government to the orphans and widows who survived to that human tragedy. On the contrary, in April 2007 in unspeakable and evil terms pronounced near the very site of the killings, President Paul Kagame expressed bitter regrets that his forces didn’t have enough capability to finish off those who managed to escape to DRC in 1994. The dead were never identified nor were they given any decent burial to date while it’s prohibited to even evoke what happened to the IDPs in Kibeho in 1995.

The UDF-INKINGI denounces this inhumane attitude of the current government and expresses once again its deep sympathy to those who lost their beloved ones. The UDF-INKINGI conveys its moral solidarity with the Kibeho survivors and reiterates its total and uncompromising commitment to make sure that justice is done at last.

Done at Lyon, April 22, 2011


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