We have reliably learnt that Anastase HABABIMANA and Norbert MANIRAFASHA are detained at Kicukiro Police Station in a separate cell infested with rats, bedbugs and fleas.
As for the reason of their arrest, sources close to police indicate that they were apprehended and locked up because the Rwandan Government suspected them of fomenting a Tunisia like uprising in Kigali over skyrocketing prices of food and fuel and the alarming hiking of cost of living for ordinary Rwandans.

However, one wonders how their arrest can solve the problem of deteriorating living conditions hitting the majority of Rwandan citizens who barely have a meagre meal per day while a bunch of cronies including President Kagame himself enjoy lavish lifestyles.
Whilst it’s true that they were preparing a press release on the mentioned topic, that document was not yet in the public domain. Therefore, it’s surprising that police could base their action on a document that has never been published. It also shows that unless police violated their privacy to access the aforementioned draft, it’s proof that breach of law and violation of privacy is a Government policy in today’s Rwanda.

The UDF-INKINGI recalls that even though they have never planned such protests, it’s a Constitutional and basic human right for every citizen to express their opinion and dissatisfaction including via peaceful demonstrations.

Hence, the UDF-INKINGI asks once again the police to release them immediately and unconditionnally.

Done at Lyon, April 21, 2011
First Vice Chair.


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