Anastase HAGABIMANA and Norbert MANIRAFASHA remain in police custody.

This Monday, April 25, 2011, our two comrades Anastase HAGABIMANA and Norbert MANIRAFASHA, both local leaders of the UDF-INKINGI arrested in Kigali April 20, 2011 were questioned by the Prosecutor working with Nyarugenge Intermediate Court, located inNyamirambo, Kigali City.

The interrogation lasted approximately one hour, from 16 hours to 17 hours. The most striking in their case is changing of the nature of the accusationlevelled against them. While at the time of their arrest and subsequent detention they were accused of inciting revolt, curiously, now the prosecution is invoking endangering State security.

We recall that the police claimed they acted on the grounds that a draft statement on rising food and fuel prices and a draft letter to Ministers of Financeand Commerce on the skyrocketing cost of living, both documents found on them but not yet made ​​public, could have likely incited the public to rebellion.

But since Sunday, first before the judicial police officer of the Kicukiro Police Station, then before the prosecutor, the charges against the two comradeshave changed in nature, because they are now prosecuted for the crime of infringement on State security as it was hammered by the Prosecutor.

Anastase HAGABIMANA and Norbert MANIRAFASHA remain detained and have been transferred to Nyamirambo Police Station while awaitingthe decision of the prosecution on their continued detention or else their release pending trial.

Lyon, April 26, 2011


First Vice Chair


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