Resolutions Made by Nkiko Nsengimana and Company are Null and Void

The resolutions made public this February 26th 2011 by a group of  UDF-Inkingi dissident members led by Nkiko Nsengimana under the name of « General Assembly of UDF-Inkingi representatives out of Rwanda », is null and void and indeed inconsequential.  
The Executive Bureau (EB) would like to inform the public that such a structure does not exist within UDF-Inkingi and that the majority of local political councils had the wisdom of rejecting sollicitations from the dissidents.

The Executive Bureau notes that Nkiko Nsengimana, UDF-Inkingi 2nd Vice President until his suspension due to acts of indiscepline,  after realising that he had no powers to convene and preside over an Extra-ordinary Political Council meeting, has violated the UDF Constitutive Charter.  The EB will make a report to the Political Council, the only organ entrusted with taking definitive appropriate measures.

The EB takes also note that none participated in this afore-mentioned assembly other than RDR members joined by Nkiko Nsengimana and his close relatives who made themselves into local political council representatives of Switzerland and Ile-de-France, even though it is known now that neither of these two local PCs mandated them to that effect.

The Executive Bureau equally noticed that in attendance at the said assembly were strange representation of well-wishers, youth and women, groups so far unknown within UDF-Inkingi structures.  This is further indication that this assembly organizers, aware that it lacked representativeness (they knowingly failed to mention that Local Political Councils from Canada, Toulouse and Lyon refused to attend), resorted to soliciting some members for proxy powers, a practice alien to UDF-Inkingi practices.

The EB wants to shed light on some of the cons truths and half truths that the conspirators, gathered in Brussels this February 26, used in their attempt to give a semblance of legitimacy to their forfeiture :
The UDF-Inkingi Constitutive Charter signed on April 29th, 2006 did not, in any way form a merger of  founding members due to a simple reason that RDR was firmly opposed to it and consented in last resort, in principle only, to a mere transfer of some organisational activities and powers which they even never stopped challenging and violating at numerous occasions.

The decision taken by the Political Council of September 29th, 2008 also known as the « The Hague Declaration » pronounced itself only on the participation in the presidential elections of August, 2010, and not on the name of the candidate  and absolutely by no means did it transfer all the party structures and activities to Rwanda.  The designation of the candidate did not take place until September, 26, 2009.

The Political Council didn’t hold any session on August 19, 2009. What took place was rather a consultative meeting attended by Executive Committee members and resource persons, some of which were not even UDF-INKINGI members. The proposals made during that meeting were never formally adopted by any UDF-INKINGI constitutional structure.

At its session held prior to the meeting of January 09, 2010, the EB, after noting that almost all the objective conditions set for the registration of UDF-INKINGI and its effective participation in the presidential elections were not met, decided to change plans accordingly and meet again after February 6, 2010 in order to discuss the situation in the light of expected new developments and report to the Political Council.

On January 16, 2010, some Executive Committee members decided unilaterally to change both the plans and organizational structures with the intent to make a coup using what they called the « Coordinating Committee ». The creation of the « Support Committee » in April 2010 which replaced this so-called « Coordinating Committee » was a compromise accepted then in order to preserve the unity of the organization.
The EB notes that all the members who met irregularly on 26 February 2011, at the instigation of January 16, 2010 coup plotters aggravated their case by holding a public meeting on 27 February 2011 in Brussels and have therefore chosen to leave the organization ; the EB invites them to accept the consequences of their deeds.
The EB reaffirms its firm and full commitment in assuming its responsibilities and working towards the restructuring of FDU-INKINGI whose structures within the country are also being undermined by sectarian and opportunistic elements and their local agents.
The EB informs the public that these defections do not diminish its firm determination to play its leadership role and calls on Rwanda and Rwandans to continue struggling for the emergence of a democratic, non-ethnic, socially balanced, independent and peaceful Rwanda.

Done at Brussels, on February 28th, 2011.

For the Executive Bureau,
First Vice President.

Dr Jean-Baptiste MBERABAHIZI
Secretary General

Deputy Secretary General


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