On the request of two of the three founding member organizations of UDF-INKINGI, the Resistance Forces for Democracy (FRD) and the Rwandan Democratic Alliance, UDF-INKINGI Executive Bureau members in place on 9 January 2010 held a meeting in Brussels this Sunday February 13, 2011. On the agenda was the political and organizational impasse that is currently paralyzing the movement.

Following a thorough analysis of the content of the declaration made public on February 11, 2011 by both organizations and having in mind the necessity of founding constructive and lasting solutions to the current crisis, the Bureau is of the opinion that their request is indeed relevant.

For that reason, the Executive Bureau agrees to retake charge of UDF-INKINGI leadership especially considering as its first priority the holding of the movement’s Political Council special session, which is the only organ entrusted with taking all required measures to end the current crisis. That session will be held very soon.

In the meantime, the Executive Bureau has taken the contingency measures to ensure continuity in the movement’s political work:

1.   Since the Chairperson is not available due to her continued detention, the First Vice President will take charge with immediate effect as stipulated by the Constitutive Charter.

2.   The « Executive Interim Committee » based in Kigali becomes the executive arm of the Local Political Council in charge of coordinating the party’s activity in Rwanda. It will also carry on with giving all the necessary assistance to the Chairperson with the support and under the direct supervision of the Executive Bureau.

3.   UDF-INKINGI is not party to any arrangements or agreements reached at Montreux (Suisse) with the “Rwandan National Congress”. Any initiatives aiming at forming any coalition or platform with other political organizations are put on hold. These issues will be on the agenda of the aforementioned special session of the Political Council.

4.   Given that Mr Nkiko NSENGIMANA and Mr Sixbert MUSANGAMFURA Second Vice Chairman and commissioner in charge of international relations respectively, as of January 9, 2010, have persistently violated and defied the party’s basic principles and decisions and pushed further their acts of indiscipline, they are suspended with immediate effect until the holding of the Political Council which will definitively pronounce itself on the matter.

5.   All UDF-INKINGI members and sympathizers are asked to have confidence in the Executive Bureau, to remain calm and not to succumb to any manipulation.

6.   The Executive Bureau reaffirms its full commitment in ensuring that UDF-INKINGI remains a revolutionary organization, national and democratic and, open to Rwandans in their diversity.

Done in Brussels, February 14, 2011

Eugene NDAHAYO               Dr Jean Baptiste MBERABAHIZI                  Benoit NDAGIJIMANA
First Vice Chair                       Secretary General                                           Deputy Secretary General


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