The Resistance Forces for Democracy (FRD) and the Rwandan Democratic Alliance (RDA-Isangano), two of the three founding member organizations of the United Democratic Forces (UDF-INKINGI),

Noting the political and organizational impasse into which UDF-INKINGI has been plunged particularly because of numerous and repeated centrifugal maneuvers by opportunistic and sectarian elements acting within the organization for some time;

Noting also that some UDF-INKINGI Support Committee members did not dare assume their responsibilities and have rather decided to boycott the meeting scheduled for February 19, 2011 in order to restore calm and serenity;

Regretting the unfortunate and inappropriate communiqué made public on February 10, 2011, on behalf of UDF-INKINGI by three members of the “Interim Executive Committee” appointed on March 12, 2010 in Kigali by the Chairperson after her arrival in Rwanda, a communiqué the content of which aggravates rather than helps find constructive solutions to internal party challenges;

Noting paralysis and inability to act of the Interim Executive Committee following the imprisonment of the Chairperson;

Taking into consideration the fragility of this temporary structure that cannot carry forward the UDF-INKINGI mission because of infiltration and intimidation by the hand of the Rwandan police state and also due to all kinds of manipulation carried out by advocates of sectarianism and selfishness within the organization;

Noting the inability of UDF-INKINGI to hold their constitutive congress in order to adopt their basic texts and elect their leadership in fulfillment of the requirements to be registered as a political organization in accordance with laws in force in Rwanda;

Taking also into account the firm will of some delegates of the Support Committee at the meeting in Montreux (Switzerland) to empty the UDF-INKINGI from their substance by transferring some of their sensitive prerogatives to an alleged coordination with the effect of merging UDF-INKINGI organs and those of the “Rwanda National Congress” and that in secret alcoves;

Drawing from all this the conclusion that it is impossible to achieve any meaningful political struggle within the country under the prevailing conditions;

Assuming their historical responsibilities in order to preserve the principles and mission of UDF-INKINGI at their founding on April 29, 2006;

Based on the Constitutive Charter adopted on April 29, 2006 as amended to date, in particular its articles 7, 8, 9 and 13 section 2;

1.      Urge UDF-INKINGI Executive Bureau members not prevented from action by any legal or internal special measures, as of January 9, 2010, to reassume UDF-INKINGI leadership so as to carry forward its political mission and vision;
2.      Urge also the Executive Bureau to convene a special session of the Political Council, the supreme organ of UDF-INKINGI, in the shortest time possible, in order to take all necessary measures;
3.      Disassociate themselves of ongoing maneuvers and recommend to the Executive Bureau not to hold UDF-INKINGI bound by any agreements concluded at Montreux and to immediately put on hold, and that until further notice, all initiatives undertaken to date for any impromptu coalition with any other Rwandan political organizations and to put those issues on the Political Council’s agenda for deliberation;
4.      Ask all UDF-INKINGI members, wherever they may be, to have confidence in the Executive Bureau, to stay calm and not succumb to manipulation wherever it may come from;
5.      Reaffirm their full commitment to work in such a way that UDF-INKINGI remain a revolutionary organization, national and democratic, open to all Rwandans.

Done in Brussels on February 11, 2011.

On behalf and for FRD,                                           On behalf and for RDA-Isangano

Eugène Ndahayo                                                      Dr Jean-Baptiste Mberabahizi
President                                                                  President


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