The UDF-Inkingi Support Committee (SC) wishes to make clear that the motives of banning Mr. Nkiko NSENGIMANA and Mr. Sixbert MUSANGAMFURA from talking or acting on behalf of UDF-Inkingi were meant to discipline them and do not imply any disagreements as to the need or opportunity to unite the democratic opposition forces in Rwanda.

The leadership of the SC confirms that it has indeed sent four of its members to meet RNC delegates and it gave to them the mandate of conducting extensive discussions with Rwanda National Congress (RNC) for the sake of achieving unity of action and to report back.

At the end of the discussions, some members of the SC delegation decided to make public in form of a press release the results of these discussions, in violation of their mandate and their prerogatives, despite several warnings given by the SC Chair, in his capacity as guarantor of compliance with decisions and rules of the Committee, on 24 and 25 January 2011.

On the night of 25 to 26 January 2011, they went into action deliberately ignoring further warnings and internal exchanges on that matter and without waiting for the holding of the meeting of the SC coordinating team that the Chair had fixed on February 19, 2011 and which was due to examine the mission report and decide on the outcome of the talks.

In doing so, both sanctioned delegates have committed unspeakable acts of indiscipline that are not tolerated in any democratic organization. Worse, Mr Sixbert Musangamfura continues to defy the decisions of the organization by making divisive statements in the media with the clear intention to tarnish the image of the SC and undermine the unity of the UDF-Inkingi and hence, the mass democratic movement in Rwanda in general.

The SC states categorically that nobody is above its operating rules and principles and that all those who perpetrate such acts in such circumstances will be disciplined, whatever the position or any other pretensions they might claim to escape penalties.

The SC reiterates its full commitment to continue ongoing efforts to achieve unity of democratic forces in Rwanda, including the RNC, with the view of liberating Rwanda from the clutches of the autocrat who oppresses and exploits our people, but that it will never tolerate within its ranks neither indiscipline nor anarchy.

Done at Brussels, January 27, 2011

Dr. Jean-Baptiste MBERABAHIZI                             Benoit NDAGIJIMANA
UDF-Inkingi Support Committee                               UDF-Inkingi Support Committee
Second Vice Chair                                                  Secretary General

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